Welcome to my website. I am a postdoc at the IMG_1160Santa Fe Institute. Most of my research has focused on developing and testing a network theory of individual attitudes. My current research focuses on extending this theory by also incorporating social network dynamics.

During my dissertation, I developed a network theory of attitudes under the supervision of Han van der Maas, Denny Borsboom, and Frenk van Harreveld at the University of Amsterdam. The basic idea of this theory is that attitudes can be conceptualized as networks of causally interacting attitude elements, such as beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. For example, your attitude toward a politician might consist of judging this politician as competent, charismatic, honest, and moral, feeling proudness and hope about her, and behaviors such as voting for her and convincing others that she is a great politician. These different attitude elements are connected through direct causal connections. For example, you might feel hopeful about the politician, because you judge her as honest and competent. A central postulate of my network theory of attitudes is that the connections between different attitude elements increase when one thinks about and pays attention to an attitude object. For example, your attitude elements toward the politician become more interdependent when you think about her. Because of this, your overall attitude becomes more stable and extreme.

During my postdoc at the Santa Fe Institute I aim to integrate my network theory on attitudes with work on social network dynamics. For this project I work together with Henrik Olsson and Mirta Galesic. A central idea of this project is that individual attitude and belief dynamics follow similar laws as social attitude and belief dynamics. People simultaneously aim for beliefs that are consistent with other beliefs they hold and for beliefs that are also consistent with beliefs of people important to them.

You can contact me at j.dalege(at)gmail(dot)com

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